The highest rate for minimum wage in the EU is currently a title held by Ireland, but it’s a hot topic across the continent and so, it begs the question, will employers seek a long term option to avoid increasing labour costs?

We’ve seen hotels replacing front of house staff with dinosaurs, humanoids and androids in Japan, robotic arms being taught how to make crab bisques at the skill level of a Michelin star chef and Ivy League Universities teaching robots new, complex skills by using one of today’s most popular computer games amongst children – Minecraft.

Automation is growing and making it’s move across a range of industries and the hospitality industry is no exception. In fact, the hospitality industry is probably one of the biggest players in automation right now.

Will higher minimum wage drive demand for greater automation in businesses?
We don’t think fully automated restaurants will take the UK & Ireland by storm just yet, but it’s certainly some food for thought.