The West Pharmaceutical Compass Catering in Dublin approached CDS to work closely together on developing and refurbishing their staff canteen, the back kitchen, their café and coffee dock with contemporary furniture in three areas.

The team managed by Seán Duignan (Business Development Manager CDS) worked on this large project to meet the requirements set by a global company.

CDS provided 3D Render photo images in advance of project to ensure the customer was satisfied with all designs before manufacture. CDS designed, supplied and installed the main counter with a Stainless Steel frame construction and a Lyra 30mm quarts countertop. To make it more inviting and functional pendant lighting were added above the counter and a bespoke glass gantry was used for the drop in display unit.

Back kitchen

The back kitchen was designed within an existing office space. CDS installed a new refrigerated cold room, as well as the cooking and preparation equipment. To meet EHO standards CDS implemented uPVC Hygienic wall finish and 430 grade Stainless steel wall cladding to cooking line for heat obsession and cleaning. CDS added a new ventilation extract canopy within the DW/172 standards which provides a clean airflow and better working environment for the staff. CDS installed a fire suppression system based on the building’s fire certification requirements.


CDS created a contemporary café with increased seating and a free issue coffee dock for staff use throughout the day. The café was fully refurbished and painted. The front counter was designed, supplied and installed with a stone countertop, timber panels and a steel carcass. To highlight all the features pendant lights were fitted above the counter. LVT vinyl timber effect flooring was laid within the seating area and High resistant slip altro fitted within the operator space.

Coffee Dock

The Coffee Dock was fitted out with new stone quarts countertop on a timber carcass. High-end laminate gloss doors and bespoke high tables and furniture ensures a modern and inviting staff area. CDS added extra posts to accommodate sockets for staffs laptops and chargers.