If you wholesale jerseys China met us at Catex this year, you may have heard us talking about kitchen automation, and while we weren’t referring to the wholesale nfl jerseys concept of robot porters or drone waiters, cheap nba jerseys we aren’t a million miles off.

Today we’re talking about creating energy efficient, money saving kitchens, achieved through automation. But what a is “Kitchen Automation”?

Automating a kitchen is about Bed changing your existing processes to create a more cost effective Hour. kitchen. This can mean altering something very simple, for example, installing a tap which is activated by your knee so as you walk away the water stops, reducing waste. Alternatively, a change can be more complex, such as an intelligent ventilation system that adjusts cheap jerseys itself to a changing environment.

Either way, automation Specialists is key to how we create energy efficient commercial kitchens, reducing the rising costs of running a catering business – we know this is the greatest challenge facing the industry right now.

We got the opportunity to talk to the chefs, hoteliers and caterers at Catex to find out about the challenges facing the foodservice industry.

Most commented that rising costs of ownership and increased expectations of environmental friendliness often means staff and appliances are the biggest cost, but knowing Family how to save money without negatively impacting quality and service in your business can be tricky.

At CDS, we are looking to the future of catering, and we want to help you reduce your costs through our energy efficient, automated kitchen designs.

From self-cleansing tiles and heat recovery to robotic gourmet burger chefs, the future of the foodservice industry is coming and CDS are ready to prepare you for it.