Combating food waste is an ongoing battle, whether you’re a supermarket, a restaurant or a school canteen.

Not only is it a shame to throw out good, edible food, but it’s also a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, with over 4 million tonnes associated with food waste on an annual basis.

However, there’s one EU country who have taken a stand – France. The French government are not only tackling food waste, but they’re also doing some good in local communities by taking measures to reduce food poverty.

So, what is it they’ve done?

Well, this year, France put a ban on supermarkets throwing away or destroying unsold food. New laws are enforcing stores to donate this good food to charity or to send it off to be made into animal feed.

Supermarkets, 4305 sq. ft or larger, must sign contracts with local charities by July 2016 or they will incur penalties and those responsible could even face jail time.

The French government’s overall aim is to halve food waste by 2025.

So, do you think the UK and Ireland are doing enough to combat waste?