Automation: It’s not as new as you think.

There’s a lot of talk around home automation lately, especially in the kitchen. But automation is not a new concept. Today we may be talking about robot butlers and chefs, but we've been automating for centuries particularly in the kitchen so it shouldn't be a daunting prospect.

Saving Water in Your Commercial Kitchen

Water is the world’s most valuable resource. It’s vital to our way of life, including our health, environment and economy. But it’s starting to cost us. Read this e-Book to discover how to reduce water consumption in your kitchen and reduce costs.

5 Tips on How To Reduce Energy in Your Kitchen

Energy costs are a growing concern to every business, however when you consider the cost of ownership of a commercial kitchen, the energy costs can be significantly greater than they need to be. Download our e-Book for simple ways you can reduce energy costs in your kitchen.

Training Your Staff To Be Energy Efficient

This e-book gives you pointers on how to train your staff to be more aware of their energy use in the kitchen, and how to help them reduce waste.