RATIONAL Cooking Live – Special Events!

Bunzl CDS in conjunction with Rational will be hosting two Special Event Cooking Live Demonstrations

Mobile Cooking Unit for Hire

We have developed a mobile cooking unit and it’s free for hire – all you have to do is pre-book it.

A Greener, More Profitable Kitchen

An interesting article in yesterdays media highlights the increasing need for energy efficiencies which will be led by regulation from Europe.

IFEX 2016

Bunzl CDS took part in the IFEX 2016 exhibition, Northern Ireland's biggest food, drink, retail and hospitality event.

Food & Bev Live 2016

The CDS team were at Food & Bev Live 2016, demonstrating our expertise in commercial catering design solutions. Taking place at the Citywest Event Centre in Dublin, this year’s exhibition was yet another success.

The Office Robot

This month WIRED released a great feature about their news and opinion editor who took on life as a robot while she worked from home.

Should we be worried about the Robots?

The world is transforming, and one of the biggest ways, and certainly our favourite topic, is through robotics and automation.

Changing Fast Food… forever?

It’s a huge claim, but San Francisco based fast food restaurant Eatsa are changing fast food "forever". But how?

Will Higher Minimum Wage Lead to Higher Automation?

The highest rate for minimum wage in the EU is currently a title held by Ireland, but it’s a hot topic across the continent.

Tackling Food Waste

Not only is it a shame to throw out good, edible food, but it’s also a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, with over 4 million tonnes associated with food waste on an annual basis.