CDS were brought on board for the Bowes Ryan Cafe project as a company that could offer a full turnkey solution and develop a functional stream-lined design coupled with quality, innovation and high standards.

The remit from the start was to work on a proposal that would meet our client’s (Jacqueline Mahon’s) budget and finish requirements. This in turn also had to receive the approval of the Shopping Centre where the unit is located. We developed the project to approval and brought together the full turnkey option which was approved.

Being part of a global organisation brought great confidence and reassurance to the Shopping Centre and the “Bowes Ryan” team. Utilising Bunzl’s global presence, Catering Design Solutions worked with a number of trusted Irish, UK and European suppliers; this ensured that once a projects design and functional layout is agreed, we were confident in completing the work to the standard required as quickly as possible.

Bunzl CDS are well known for their ability to bring innovation, market leading solutions and to push the edges of design and finish.

The team managed by Billy and Noel produced a program of works across 6 weeks to take this unit back to a shell and build it back up to the modern, market leading, unique food service facility that it is now, with appealing finishes and design.

We are very aware that in today’s market, efficiency in all areas, including appliances is critical to maximising profits for our client’s. Bunzl CDS are at the cutting edge for this.

The hand-over was as scheduled and the “Bowes Ryan Café” opened to great fanfare and has been so well received by the public, to quote Jacqueline :

“We get complimented on the Design and Fitout every day, it has been so well received all round and is a credit to Catering Design Solutions”