Japanese Hotel Run By Robots

There’s Something Weird about Japan’s Newest Hotel…

A new low-cost hotel has opened in Japan and it’s causing a stir. The Hann-Na Hotel (or the Weird Hotel) is run mostly by robots.

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Using MINECRAFT to Teach Robots

At Brown University in the USA, they have connected a robot to the popular game MINECRAFT to teach robots.

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The University of Energy Efficiency

Here at CDS, we like to keep up with the latest news in energy efficiency and automation. Our latest blog comes from across the world – in the...

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The Humanoids

Have you met you Sally? Sally is the face of the promotion for the new Channel 4 TV series Humans, launched June 2015, and she’s what we’re calling a...

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Driverless cars? Chefless kitchens? What’s next?

We’ve been hearing about driverless cars non-stop for some time now, but what about chef-less kitchens? They’re already here and causing quite a stir.

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Cut Your Heating Bills in Half With… a Kitchen Table?

Not just any kitchen table though. It takes a special kind to see the savings. It looks like any other kitchen table on the surface, but as always, it’s...

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The Great Wall of Power

While Solar Power has been widely considered the future of energy, there’s a reason it’s not as popular as we’d hoped.

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Catex 2015 Pop-Up Restaurant

Catex 2015: Building Something Out of Nothing

This year's Catex saw the rise of our pop-up restaurant in association with the RAI. With three talented chefs from local Irish restaurants, we served visitors the tastiest lunch...

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The Future of Catering is Automation

If you met us at Catex 2015 this year, you may have heard us talking about kitchen automation, and while we weren’t referring to the concept of robot porters...

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