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Changing Fast Food… forever?

It’s a huge claim, but San Francisco based fast food restaurant Eatsa are changing fast food "forever". But how?

How do you teach a Robot to carry out a task? WikiHow!

European company RobotHow are using the power of the internet. The company are developing a robot (the PR2), designed to learn how to carry out individual tasks by using information the robot finds on the internet.

Will Higher Minimum Wage Lead to Higher Automation?

The highest rate for minimum wage in the EU is currently a title held by Ireland, but it’s a hot topic across the continent.

Tackling Food Waste

Not only is it a shame to throw out good, edible food, but it’s also a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, with over 4 million tonnes associated with food waste on an annual basis.

There’s Something Weird about Japan’s Newest Hotel…

A new low-cost hotel has opened in Japan and it’s causing a stir. The Hann-Na Hotel (or the Weird Hotel) is run mostly by robots.

Using MINECRAFT to Teach Robots

At Brown University in the USA, they have connected a robot to the popular game MINECRAFT to teach robots.

How exactly to Produce a Posture Paper with Trial Documents

5 Tips for a High Article 1. Research the illustrations. the School Board’s sample articles and concerns, once you’ve see. Browse the won essay responses carefully. Feel like the SAT scorers: Start To examine yourself why each dissertation got the three ratings it did (Reading, Evaluation, and Publishing). Concentrate on the bigger- look for attributes to replicate and rating illustrations. 2. Realize the author’s location. I once created the error of basically providing a 6th-grade class a handout containing move terms. […]

The University of Energy Efficiency

Here at CDS, we like to keep up with the latest news in energy efficiency and automation. Our latest blog comes from across the world – in the City of Johannesburg, where students are rushing back to university just for the accommodation.

The Humanoids

Have you met you Sally? Sally is the face of the promotion for the new Channel 4 TV series Humans, launched June 2015, and she’s what we’re calling a “humanoid”. Let us explain.

Automation: It’s not as new as you think.

There’s a lot of talk around home automation lately, especially in the kitchen. But automation is not a new concept. Today we may be talking about robot butlers and chefs, but we've been automating for centuries particularly in the kitchen so it shouldn't be a daunting prospect.